Credit Card Rules: Which Chase Cards Aren’t 5/24?

A few weeks ago we talked about what it means when you hear people talking about the “Chase 5/24 Rule”.

In short, the rule prohibits anyone from opening a new rewards-earning Chase credit cards if they have had more than 5 new credit cards opened from any bank in the last 24 months–but just like all rules, this one has some exceptions!

While most Chase travel rewards credit card offerings fall under the 5/24 umbrella, there are a few Chase cards you can apply for that are not subject to this ruling.

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Five New Delta Offers for Fall!

It’s officially fall, and Christmas is on the way! If you’re a Delta flyer, however, it may seem like Christmas has arrived early this year—with not one, but FIVE new limited time offers to earn Delta SkyMiles from our Partner American Express.

Whether you’re an elite flyer looking to boost your qualifying miles before the end of the year, or a Delta enthusiast looking to get some miles to help with your flight home for the holidays, there’s a card in the American Express Delta family to meet your needs.

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Making the SouthWest Companion Pass Work for Two

Christian and Annabelle have been using their Southwest Companion Pass since May 2016, and calculate that they’ve already racked up almost $4,000 in free flights with much more travel to come. Learn how they earned their pass, how they’re maxing out its value and what tips they have for you to get yours.

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2017’s Hottest Credit Card Destinations

The new year is underway, and if you’re like us, you’re probably dreaming of the trips you’re going to take to fill up all those blank squares on your calendar in the next 12 months. Need help picking your perfect points travel destination in 2017? Here’s our list of the hottest places to visit using your credit card points.

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