15 Things to Buy at an Office Supply Store to Max Out Your Ink Plus Category Bonus

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One of the many reasons we love the Ink Plus Business Card from Chase is its 5x category spending bonus at office supply stores up to an annual limit of $50,000 (that’s 250,000 Ultimate Rewards points!)

Perhaps your demand for toner, copy paper, and desk chairs isn’t that large. Is it still possible to max out this category bonus by taking advantage of all the other things stocked on the shelves in your local office supply store?


Here are 15 items that you may not have thought about buying at your office supply store:


1) School Supplies – pencils, notepads, binders, markers, crayons, calendars, chalk. Anything you need to send someone back to school.

officesupplies - 14

2) Greeting Cards – birthdays, anniversaries, cards for all occasions. Cards run $4 a piece these days. May as well earn 20 miles when you have to buy one.

officesupplies - 10

3) Cleaning Supplies – Supplies for whatever you need to clean: glass cleaner, bleach wipes, tile scrubber, toilet cleaner, mops and air fresheners.

4) Travel Toiletries – Shampoo, hairspray, face cleansing wipes, lotions in 3oz bottles.

officesupplies - 8

5) Toilet Paper & Paper Towels – Bulk packs of toilet paper and paper towels. Look no further.

6) Laundry Detergent – We’re not sure why offices need Tide, but the office supply store sells it.

7) Stamps – Avoid the post office line and get your USPS stamps by the book or roll.

8) Bottled Water – Water by the case just like the wholesale stores (but with more bonus points)

9) Batteries & Flashlights – stock up on AAAs, 9Vs, or all those extra flashlights you need for the next zombie attack.

10) Lightbulbs – another one to stock up on. Lightbulbs always go out when you don’t have one!

11) Over the Counter Medicine – NyQuil, DayQuil, Advil, Bandaids and more!

12) Ziploc Bags & Kitchen Storage – Freezer bags, sandwich bags, garbage bags, and those plastic containers you use to pack up your leftovers.

13) Moving Boxes – You no longer need to go to U-Haul to get boxes and packing peanuts for your big move.

officesupplies - 12

14) Coffee – a variety of individual cups for your Keuring, or whole bean bags if you prefer.

And last, but definitely not least….

15) Gift Cards – If there’s anything left that you need to buy that the office supply store doesn’t actually carry, they probably carry a gift card to another store where you can buy it. Always check out the gift card rack to find cards for the stores you shop at, or restaurants where you like to eat. (Note: some stores won’t allow you to use a credit card to buy all of the different types of gift cards, but you can usually charge store cards with fixed redemption amounts.)

Next time you pass the office supply store, go in and have a wander through all of the aisles. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something we didn’t even put on the list!

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