Your Triple Dip Strategy for Last Minute Amazon Shopping

We hope you’ve been taking advantage of our tips to max out on points earning for everything you’ve already purchased this holiday season. If you’re a last minute shopper, you’re in luck. We’ve got one new tip that will let you combine 2 different offers with your credit card earnings to triple dip all your points on Amazon shopping, while letting you access your Prime shipping to get things under the tree in time.  

Follow this strategy, and you’ll be earning bonus points with JetBlue, United, and whichever credit card award program you choose. There’s no hidden tricks—just a few extra clicks on your online shopping. Here’s how it works.

Earning 3 Times on every Amazon Order

Step 1: Log into Amazon through your JetBlue TrueBlue Account to access the True Blue 3x Amazon shopping promotion. 

For a limited time, JetBlue will give you 3 TrueBlue points for every dollar that you spend on Amazon if you log into Amazon via their unique link.

To begin, you’ll need a clean browser and empty Amazon cart. Be sure to check that all Amazon windows on your computer are closed and that there are no items in your shopping cart. You will also need to have cookies enabled in your browser. Go to and log into your TrueBlue account. Once you’re logged in open the Amazon offer promotional link and click on your unique “Shop and Earn” link.

Step 2: Fill up your Cart

Once you’re on the Amazon home page, go ahead and shop as normal. Everything you eventually purchase in this transaction will automatically earn you JetBlue points. Buying $100 of stocking stuffers or gifts for the mailman? You’ll get a bonus 300 TrueBlue points that will appear in your JetBlue account within 60 days. The rules state that you’ll earn on anything you put in your cart and purchase within 24 hours of clicking your JetBlue unique link—but to be safe it’s best to complete the transaction in one sitting to make sure no new windows get opened.

Note: This shopping promotion does not work on a mobile device.

Step 3: Prepare to Pay and Earn 1x Bonus United Miles

There is no rule on how you must pay in order to get the TrueBlue points, so you can Double Dip on this transaction by using the United Mileage Plus X app to complete your purchase. Currently Mileage Plus X is offering an 1x bonus United Mile for every dollar spent (another 100 points for your stocking stuffer purchase).

Youll need to install the Mileage Plus X app on your phone if you don’t have it already, and log into the app using your United Mileage Plus number. Once you’ve got your shopping cart full and ready to check out, complete your order and shipping options all the way up to the payment page. At this point, pick up your phone and open the Mileage Plus X app. You will pay for your Amazon purchase using a credit that you will now purchase through the app.

Click on Amazon, then choose the dollar value of the purchase in your cart. You’ll receive one bonus point for each dollar of e-credit you’re about to purchase.

Step 4: Choose Your Credit Card Wisely and earn even more points

The triple dip of this shopping strategy is selecting the card you’ll use within the United Mileage Plus app to purchase the credit you’ll use in the next step pay for your order. If you have a United MileagePlus Credit Card from Chase you’ll earn a 25% bonus on the miles awarded by MileagePlus when you make a purchase via MileagePlus X.

If you don’t have the United card, you can still use a great everyday card like your Chase Sapphire Preferred and earn another 1x points on your Amazon spend, or use your JetBlue credit card and add an extra point per dollar to the 3x you’re already earning from JetBlue in this transaction.

Once you’ve selected which credit card you’ll use, open the Amazon link on the MileagePlusX home page on your phone. Select the closest dollar amount of credit you want to purchase to cover the cost of the items in your cart. If you purchase more credit than your cart balance, the extra will remain in your Amazon account for later use, if you purchase too little, you’ll also be able to cover the rest with a different form of payment. 

Once you complete the checkout process, the MileagePlusX app will generate a code for you to use on your Amazon page. Don’t click on the link to add this to your account, as you don’t want to mess up your clean JetBlue window. As soon as you complete this step in the transaction, you’ll see the United points from MileagePlusX post immediately to your United account.

Step 5: Complete Your Order

Go back to your Amazon cart checkout process. On the final payment page where you left off in step 3, scroll to the bottom of  the “Choose a Payment Method”.  Under your balances there is a box to enter a gift card or promotion code. Enter the Amazon code generated for here by the MileagePlusX app. Once you’ve clicked on apply the credit, complete the checkout process as normal.

Voila, you’re done. Gifts are on the way, and you’ve triple dipped—earning at least five miles per every dollar you’ve spent on Amazon.

The Best Part

This isn’t actually a holiday promotion at all. MileagePlusX offers a bonus for Amazon shopping all through the year, and JetBlue’s partnership with Amazon shopping is currently an ongoing deal.  

Stick with us and you’ll never earn only 1 credit card point for your Amazon shopping ever again. This sounds like Prime Time!